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Sun 07
Ilkley RFC
BEES U13s Superboys...Three teams; Two games; One winner...

BEES U13s Superboys...Three teams; Two games; One winner...

By Andy Watts
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BEES U13s Gladiators take on super clubs Wharfedale and Ilkley and leave the season on a high!

Not since the days of Uncle Dave 'Chief Editor' were the BEEs so excited to be back at Ilkley, it has been a long time coming but this morning the bar was set high with two matches lined up against club leaders Wharfedale and their hosts Ilkley. Admittedly there was some reservation from Andy Mega Watts, Chris Boss Hogg Senior and Tom Beesman senior, with the two games that lay ahead and concerned there was some complacency in the team, none the less after a team talk Captain George W Bite Yer legs, led a full and complete BEES team out to face their first match against hosts Ilkley. Supporting the team from the side was Tim Senior Engine and Sally the mechanic who is now beyond belief the most qualified RFU first aider in England, so our congratulations on her recent qualification.

Set ready to go, Charlie The Flying Beesman kicked the ball 35m to make a great gain for the BEES. Early pressure from the BEES with front runners Cody Wild Bill and Brody Fighting Falcon taking the ball to ground. Ilkley pushed back with some attacking rucks to then have some power counter rucking from James The Red Amber and Black Engine and Nathan Boss Hogg pushing Ilkley back on the ball. Quick hands from Sam Power Rocket to Fernando Galatico lining up a supporting run from the Flying Beesman to take a 30m sprint to Ilkley's try line for BEES first try. Stunned, Ilkley walked back to their half and reformed wondering who this team was. The mighty BEEs were not here to play tiddlywinks that was for sure. Re-kick from Ilkley caught successfully by BEEs No 12 Magic Dan who fired back down the playing field towards Ilkley but their counter rucking wasn't enough for BEES might. Fast hands to Joe Smiler The Laughing Assassin and out to Jim King Cobra who laid a quick ball on for Charlie The flying beesman to take a stunning 75m run around the Ilkley defence to take 10-0 to BEEs. After a quick halftime break the BEES came back to face a shocked Ilkley team. Quick changes at half back welcomed Jakey Killer Watts and Jack Green Demon, Harry Houdini on wing and Oliver Hercules in second row. Quick off the mark, Ilkley pushed back with some attacking lines to push the BEES back, stealing possession and their grit paid off with an early try back for Ilkley. Now the pressure was on the boys. The BEES forwards led by Ismael Rocket Man, Curley The Chieftain Tank, Isaac Tomahawk and BEES number 8 Thomas The Warhorse pushed back with some strength in the scrums fighting back the Ilkley's new attacking line. With only 5 minutes to go, and consistent quick hands from Jakey Killer Watts to Jack Green Demon laying the ball out for Charlie Flying Beesman to take a hat-trick and last and final try of the game. The final score was BEES 15 - Ilkley 5.

After some time, 43minutes to be precise, the BEES were ready to take the field of play again this time against green machine Wharfedale. Ready to go, the BEEs flew into action with some attacking work from James The red amber and black engine tearing his way through the Wharfedale defence. Consistent driving force, The Bees Front row led by, Curley The Chieftain tank, Ismael rocket man and Isaac Tomahawk were too much for the Wharfedale forwards, winning every scrum to give the advantage to the BEES. Quick hands from scrum half Sam Power Rocket to Fernando Galatico and out to Cody Wild Bill who made a great 40m sprint through the Ilkley defence only to be taken down 5m from the try line. Gain line was in tact though and more pressure from BEES from George W bite yer legs and Joe The Laughing Assassin out to Brody Fighting Falcon who side stepped a couple of Wharfedale players to take a ruck for the BEEs. Sam Power Rocket was ready to go and that he did with a low level power run through the Wharfedale defence to take an amazing 'dukes of hazzard' rolling try for BEES. But that Sammy roll changed everything. Charlie The flying Beesman was fired up to take a further 6 more tries for BEEs. Supporting the line was Magic Dan and Jim King Cobra who laid out the ball to Isaac Tomahawk to take the 'coolest try of the season award' for the BEES. And so the game went on finishing with a clear win for the BEEs. BEES 40 - Wharfedale 5.

Thanks to both teams who showed great values and respect on and off the pitch and a big thanks to Ilkley for hosting the games.

Two great games against two great clubs. This was by no means a walk over, but the BEES were determined to win and in the spirit of Union they did that. Man of the match went to the team. Best attitude of the match went to the team. The Team won the game; won the day and won the season. Winners of the BD region, they have come so far in the last 12x months.

If Twickenham are reading this ... then come and see us 19/20 - here lies your future England team!

Thanks to all coaches Chris Boss Hogg; Tom Beesman Senior; Rodolfo The red nose Spaniard; Tim Senior Engine and Sally the Mechanic for their ongoing support this season. Thanks to all you brilliant U13s players who have developed and played the values of Union so well this season. And final thanks to all our parents for your weekly support in turning the boys up for training and turning up every Sunday come rain, sleet, snow and occasional shine!

Until next season - Andy Mega-Watts!

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Sun 07, Apr 2019