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Who is Who at the Bees for 2019/20

Who is Who at the Bees for 2019/20

By Nick Patterson
26 July
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An update to the Committee and Managent Team at Wagon Lane

With only around six weeks to go until the new league season springs into action, here is an update of who is doing what at the Bees for the coming season.

The Club's President is Glen Shaw. Glen is also the club's main representative in any dealings with any third party in getting the Bingley Weekender up and running. Glen is partnered in this endeavour by his wife, Claire.

The Club's Chairman is Tim Robinson, continuing in the role he held last season.

The Club's secretary is now Ric Marshall, who has replaced Nick Patterson in this capacity.

The Club's Treasurer is now Chris Narey, who has replaced Nick Patterson.

The Club's contact for Sponsorship is Tom Dyson who has stepped up to replace Dave Hemsley in that role, although Dave remains on the Commitee as part of the Finance team and as a general Committee member.

The Club's Bar Manager is now Anne Bennett, who was recruited to replace Lucy Cochrane.

The Club's Press Secretary is Nick Patterson, continuing in a role he has held since 2004. Nick Patterson is also the Club's Vice President.

In order to manage the Rugby related activities of the Club, there is a separate sub-committee which manages Rugby and the Rugby budget. This team is headed by Chris Hemsley, and is completed by Andy Murphy, Phil Greaves, Iain Taylor ,Tom Booth and Hugh Gumbs.

Hugh Gumbs has been appointed Head Coach, after Ants Posa left to join Rotherham Titans.

iain Taylor is the Chair of Junior Rugby, but he is also joined on the Senior Committee by Andy Watts and Tom Dyson to represent Junior interests.

The Club's Grounds are managed by John Fletcher.

All the Club's former Presidents are honorary members of the Committee having served as President.

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